Winngoo is a UK Based Company

Winngoo was launched by a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds whose common aim is to create an ‘earn while you spend’ solution. The current unpredictable UK economy was the catalyst for Winngoo.

We understand the difficulties individuals and families face towards day to day expenses due to the unprecedented changes in the economy. We also believe in helping and supporting the local business and communities who do not have the same resources as compared to big businesses.
This is where Winngoo comes in.

After analysing trends and studying market behaviour the Winngoo co-founders created a platform which would benefit everyone.

We’re an e-commerce website connecting merchants to consumers. Our website offers vouchers, discounts and cash backs to Winngoo members through hundreds of merchants in-store and online. We offer a range of categories in every field of life. In this challenging environment, we decided to make a simple but a unique concept which offers much more then what’s already out there.

We decided to try these cashback services out and realised they are all quite similar. We also found that they claim to give you all of your earnings, but in reality, they are taking a chunk out of your cash back totals in order to pay there overhead. In addition to taking a cut of your earnings most sites didn’t provide any day to day offline service, which we wanted to improve upon and maximise this concept- and that is how Winngoo came to be! We decided to make a simple but a unique concept which offers much more then what’s already out there.

Online use

online access to our listing of hundreds of retailers and provide that offer deals and discounts where you can receive cash backs and vouchers.

Offline loyalty Card use

We are affiliated with hundreds of high street retailers and services who offer discounts with our loyalty card. 100% cashback- We will pay back all the cashback earned by you from the retailers.

Refer a friend

We will pay 25% cash back to every friend you refer. Vouchers- we have hundreds of different vouchers available.


we will pay a percentage of your registration and membership fee will be donated to a charity.


Randomly picked winngoo members will receive free Gifts At winngoo we want to do it right and make the difference and we thrive on helping people save money and earn money. This is why we are offering a full money back guarantee- we want you to be satisfied with our services and our level of commitment.

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